What Is Metal Fabrication?

What Is Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication can refer to numerous processes manufacturers use to form pieces of metal into specialized shapes. The fabrication process generally involves several steps.

The manufacturer begins with a piece of raw metal in sheet, rod or another form. Then, highly skilled metal fabricators use various tools to cut, stamp, shape, fold and weld the final product. Metal fabrication is vital to a wide variety of industries, from information technology (IT) to medical services and construction, and is responsible for many of the objects we use every day.

Metal Fabrication Methods

There are many common methods for fabricating metal that manufacturers can use to create a virtually limitless number of shapes. A general overview of metal fabrication methods includes:

  • Casting: Casting is a process where a die forms a mold. The fabricator pours molten metal into this mold so it can take on that shape as it cools. Once the metal solidifies, the fabricator can remove it from the casing and perform any other required processes.  
  • Forging: A fabricator uses high-pressure machinery to compress raw metal to bend and shape it. 
  • Cutting: Cutting allows the fabricator to transform a flat piece of sheet metal into the desired shape. The most advanced cutting methods available today include laser cutting and waterjet cutting.
  • Turning: A fabricator performs turning by cutting metal radially as it spins. 
  • Punching: Turrets follow programmed commands to punch patterns into metal. 
  • Drawing: Drawing occurs when the fabricator uses tensile force to shape metal by pulling it through a tapered die. 
  • Extrusion: A ram uses force to propel billets through a die, which forms the metal into cylinders. 
  • Milling: A powerful milling machine cuts a metal workpiece to create specific shapes by removing stock. 
  • Drilling: A drill uses a circular bit to cut holes into sheet metal.

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